All Phantasmagoria Leather belts are made from vegetable tanned leathers tanned in two of the finest tanneries in Europe. This is the oldest tanning process using tannins from such plants as oak, sumac, chestnut, and quebracho. A characteristic of vegetable tanned leather is that color can change when exposed to natural or artificial light. The vegetable tanning is cleaner and thus more friendly to the environment.

All the belts are entirely made by hand. This includes cutting, edging or beveling, and staining the strap. The buckles are either hand sewn on or fastened with two Chicago screws. The screw method allows you to shorten the belt in case of weight loss or allows you to interchange buckles.

I have all my buckles made for me in Europe as well. This is mostly out of necessity as there aren’t great hardware manufactures in the US any more. I used to be able to source everything in the US in the 60’s but times have changed.

I offer ten belts that are stocked for immediate shipping and very extensive selection if you would like a custom belt. For ordering a custom belt shop first by buckle style, then select the stain color, and lastly the variation whether it be the cross cross stain (101), dappled (102), rolled (103), sanded (104), or rolled and sanded (105). Let me know you waist size and you are finished.