All the belts are made of vegetable tanned leather which is sourced from a top tannery in Italy. They are approximately 3.6 mm thick. About 1/4”. The leather is quite soft but holds its shape very well. The hardware is from France and Italy and is made of solid brass, sometimes nickel plated, or pewter.
The hide cut is called a double butt which is the back two-thirds of the animal with the stomach and leg part of the hide removed. This is a prime piece of leather.

I cut the hide into strips. The edges of the strap are beveled. The buckle and the holes end are then cut to a specific size. At this time the strap and buckle tab are hand stained and buffed. Each strap takes the dye a little differently so each belt is unique.

Following staining, the edges are burnished to a smooth finish followed by an application of an edge ink.

The strap is then allowed to dry. A finish is to give a satin luster is applied, followed by a coat of wax which provides a nice hand and protective layer.
The buckle is now hand sewn to the tab. The keeper and buckle are attached to the strap. The belt is finished ready for shipping.


Click HERE to view a short video on how to re-size the adjustable belt from Phantasmagoria Leather!